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surveillance camera in traffic areas
CCTV Industry News
OCT 20, 2014

Traffic congestion and traffic accidents as the most headaches and medium-sized cities has become increasingly prominent. In a huge road traffic online, how to enhance traffic control, regulate traffic behavior, to protect traffic safety has been an urgent need to solve the problem. Intelligent Transportation therefore appear that it is the future direction of the transport system, the goal is to establish a comprehensive, real-time accurate and efficient integrated transport system, to "protect the safety, improve efficiency, improve the environment, energy conservation."

     With the application of HD(high-definition) video surveillance and intelligent transportation technology, now more mature video surveillance applications in intelligent transportation field are: the city's main roads and intersections for a video surveillance system; used for high speed between the city and the city highway video surveillance system; assist the public security organs cracked the case, preventing the vehicle and fled the city public security personnel bayonet system; capture illegal vehicles for electronic police system.

     Urban road monitoring system is to use the road as a video surveillance camera image acquisition devices, real-time monitoring of traffic within a controllable range of operating conditions, will provide a degree of road congestion, traffic flow, pedestrian conditions, incidents such as traffic information to the traffic control center for analysis decision-making, real-time statistics on vehicle operating conditions, in accordance with the early warning program in advance discovery and treatment of certain events may cause significant traffic problems, for when it snows, heavy rains, typhoons and other natural disasters, take proper contingency plans, by radio and television media and in front of traffic guidance screen, informing the road to prevent drivers and pedestrians. In practical applications, urban road monitoring system can also be used in real-time, fair, gathering evidence of illegal traffic, provide an effective means for post-processing traffic offense line.

     Road surveillance cameras as a video image signal acquisition devices, designed to monitor the traffic on the road for the movement of vehicles, drivers, pedestrians and markers, such as the target object, requires 24 hours of work, and in real time, to clearly capture target characteristic information of an object (such as a plate, color, face contour, shape, etc.). To be effective in a variety of complex road environment, making the acquisition of video image quality clearer, more accurate, the performance requirements for increasingly high road surveillance cameras, product form and more high-definition, professional and intelligent.

     In HD monitoring technology architecture, a high-definition cameras can monitor the effect can reach several ordinary camera, which is monitoring a wider coverage is broader and higher image resolution, richer information, so a high-definition monitor can be very effective to reduce the size of the system, avoiding complicated video, control, and power transmission lines.

     When an emergency occurs, you can in real time on the big screen to watch the event procedure, you can call the video playback and so on. Therefore, the quality and level of the image signal quality front camera part of the performance will directly affect the performance of the system real-time video and real-time monitoring.

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