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Beijing Subway 16000 camera installation
CCTV Industry News
OCT 23, 2014

A man suddenly jumped off the subway platform, and with chains to lock themselves in orbit, bus Corps police discover when viewing video surveillance, the shortest cut the chains, did not affect the passenger car. According to reports, the police establishment of regional prevention and control mechanism, the entire rail network to refine the prevention and control area for 1650, and the whole network installation using rail transport 1.6 million a monitoring probe, to establish a video of police mechanism.

According to reports, Beijing police use of rail transport 1.6 million cctv camera to install the entire network monitoring probes, the establishment of a video policing mechanism, establish a security monitoring command center and police station, "two monitoring platform" to achieve two "visible and controllable . "Meanwhile, public security structures 800M wireless communication network, rail transportation see and hear clear, screamed through disposal fast.

Successful handling of the Beijing subway several incidents which are inseparable from 1.6 million only "eyes." June of this year, Wangjing West Station police patrol control video found after the 15th line Houshayu station platform with a man want to snatch a woman's bag, seamless video probe all the way, control room promptly dispatched by radio, patrol police arrived accurate thing the scene and arrested the suspect, when the entire process took only two minutes.

Beijing Public Security Bureau Bus Corps command hall every day someone to video patrol control. In March, police found a man suddenly jumped subway platform with chains locked themselves in orbit, the command center quickly tune Police patrol control, the field of police cut the chains in the shortest possible time, to bring the suspect site. Due to the rapid disposal, the station orderly, has not affected the passenger car.

We can Help You. Call Us 400-0999-868 or +86-755-81454983
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