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Borsche CCTV Camera Borsche High Quality IR Dome Camera Borsche CCTV Camera Manufacturer can offer this Fix Lens Camera Varifocal Vandalproof IR Dome Camera from Borsche CCTV Super Wide Dynamic Box Camera from Borsche CCTV IR Vandalproof Dome Camera from Borsche CCTV
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Analog Camera AHD Camera TVI Camera CVI Camera IP Camera DVR Series NVR Series DVR&NVR Kit CCTV Accessories
Product item
Weatherproof IR Camera
Box Camera
Dummy Camera
IR Bullet IP Camera
HD IP Camera
HD-SDI Camera
CCTV Cameras
Recommend new camera
1/3 CMOS Analog High Definition CCTV Cameras
AHD 1.0MP High Resolution IR Dome CCTV camera
1.3MP/960P AHD CCTV camera High Resolution IR Dome Camera
HD Analog Varifocal Dome AHD CCTV Camera
Vandaproof 1.3MP 960P Dome AHD Camera
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Borsche CCTV Camera Catalogue
Borsche CCTV Camera Catalogue is the products for China Sourcing Fair, hongkong. If you have any need, please contact us.
2012 Borsche Product Catalogue
You can have a full view to know our CCTV camera by this 2012 Borsche product catalogue. Welcome to visit our factory and order our products. Thanks.
CCTV Glossary
1.CCD: “Charged Coupled Device” is a solid state device that converts an optical image into an electrical current which is processed into a video signal. Also known as a “Chip” camera. 2.CCTV: Common abbreviation for Closed-Circuit Television.
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We can Help You. Call Us 400-0999-868 or +86-755-81454983
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